Our Service


Energy Audit

  • Study of Specific Energy consumption – overall as well as individual tenants
  • Analysis of Electricity Bills.
  • Thermography of key areas.

Electrical Safety Audit

  • Verifying the statutory documents.
  • Identify all significant fire hazards.
  • Identifying the potential area of risk of fire caused by Electrical or any combustible material lying in haphazard manner.

Fire Audit Checks

  • Review of the statutory documents.
  • Site Visit & understanding the Existing Building Premises.
  • Testing the Fire Fighting Equipment’s & FAS & testing of other Equipment’s Related to Fire Fighting Equipment’s.

Third Party Audit

  • Adequacy / Overloading of the cables by physical inspecting inside the panel.
  • Load imbalance by installing Power Analyzer at every floor for 24 Hours to verify the load at each and every